President Trump Declares a National Emergency Over COVID-19

President Trump Declares a National Emergency Over COVID-19

Daily life in the United States grounds is now at a halt this week with unprecedented efforts to stop the spread of the new COVID-19 commonly known as coronavirus which has caused a global pandemic within a very short period. Several US states are in emergency states over coronavirus that has sickened more than 110000 people globally with more than 500 in the United States.

The president of the United States Donald Trump on Friday declared a state emergency; he said that he has officially declared a national emergency to unleash the full powers of the US federal government. Governors in several states have rushed to close down institutions and the Universities have switched to online classes in the meantime while employees from different companies are now working from home.

This decision is meant for the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to take a larger portion of the response coordination. The funding and resources of the agency are currently more available for the control efforts. Trump stated that 1.4 million test kits will be available for the following week in his emergency declaration.

Different regions of the country are observing different levels of coronavirus activity. Capitol Hill, Washington, was closed to visitors. An announcement by the professional sports leagues claimed that they will suspend the playing season and on the other hand, the annual March Madness basketball tournament scrapped by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Film studios gave a notice that the release of the major franchise will be delayed including the fast and furious and James bond as well.

The state health officials confirmed more than 1500 cases and 41 deaths in the entire county. Medical experts claim that the US may only be at the beginning of an outbreak surpassing the scale of outbreaks that have led to the extensive lockdowns in China and Italy. Research from the University of California estimated that 70% of Americans could contract the virus eventually resulting in 1.5 million deaths.

The US is currently in the initiation process nationally but in the states where the community spread is being experienced is currently in the acceleration phases. The severity and the duration of the phases vary depending on the public health responses and the characteristics of the virus.

The United States’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been hampered by president Trump’s effort to play down the danger of the COVID-19 and by a series of responses from local and state officials who have the duty of deciding on how to stop the spread of this deadly virus in their communities.

On January 20t it’s when the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed. A group of researchers and journalists (The COVID-19 Tracking Project) who are involved in compiling official statistics, on Friday, they estimated that only less than 16500 people had been tested for the virus.

Public health officials have acknowledged that the virus, for now, has already spread too far to be contained by measures like mandatory quarantining and detailed tracking of the new confirmed cases. “The cat is out of the bag already,” said Beileson, a health director in Sacramento County which had remarked that they no longer required the 14 days self-quarantine.

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