Trump’s administration has sent airstrikes targeting Iran-backed militia

Trump’s administration has sent airstrikes targeting Iran-backed militia

On Thursday, Pentagon launched this move after a rocket attack on both U.S. and British troops coming from Iran-backed militia that killed troops stationed at Baghdad.

Confirmed reports coming in, one British national and two Americans were killed after the rocket attack on Wednesday. The attack took the lives of a member of Britain’s armed forces, a U.S. contractor, and a U.S. soldier.

The death reports were confirmed by Army Col. Myles Caggins, who is the U.S. military spokesman. He claimed about 15 rockets targeted Iraq’s Camp Taji base, Caggins did not provide further information detailing any other actions to be taken.

Therefore, the strikes launched to Iran are a joint operation between the British and American troops coming together to strike the militia.

Who attacked the U.S. Army base? 

No party, including Iran and its allies, has claimed responsibilities for the attack on the American base that took the lives of three people. Other soldiers are said to be experiencing some signs of brain injuries.

In January, we had a similar case when Iran fired missiles into two Iraqi Military bases where soldiers from Washington were at that time. The attack almost started World War 3 (WWIII).

A lot is happening after the January incident, and tensions created. Reports came in suggesting that the Pentagon was found guilty of killing Qasem Soleimani, who was a senior Iranian commander after they sent a killer drone.

On Wednesday, the attack of the U.S personnel coincided with Soleimani’s birthday. Iran is said to be exerting an act of revenge for Qasem Soleimani’s killing.

U.S. Senate vote to stop the war between America and Iran

President Trump has the powers to order strikes to any threatening country that may target his citizens no matter where they are, and backing out seems a show of weakness to their enemies.

But Trump has been remarkably restraint to use military force since he doesn’t want to start a war with Iran.

Foreign Affairs Committee lawmaker, Rep. Michael McCaul claimed that the political powers the President is said to have are based on a false premise.

“Iran and its proxies are watching right now as we spin our wheels,” McCaul said. “And what they see … (is) a divided America that does not fully support the ability of our commander in chief to adequately respond to threats against Americans. ‘The White House has blasted the war powers measure as untimely and misguided.” McCaul stated.

On Wednesday, the Senate ruled 227-to-186 votes to curb President Trump’s war powers to stop the tension between the U.S. and Iran.

Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Eliot Engel, said that.

“The American people don’t want war with Iran. The Congress has not authorized war with Iran. That should be crystal clear. This isn’t deterrence. We’re now closer to a war with a country that’s closer to possessing a nuclear weapon.”

However, the Senate concluded that they are not against the President exerting his war powers to protect America against future attacks. They want Congress to be involved in making such crucial decisions and resolutions just like earlier years before Trump’s administration.

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