Festival Felipe Competition is Not a Requirement Order by Aljure

Festival Felipe Competition is Not a Requirement Order by Aljure

Felipe Aljure was born in Girardot. He grew up amid the heat and sound of his mother’s piano, which had a choir called the Girardot Polyphonic Choir. He and his six brothers grew up listening to Schubert’s Ave Maria and suspending the pool because of the piano lessons taught by Doña Lolita and Yolanda Garcés.

When he was a child he came across the visual toys that his father, José Aljure, had at home. The Pathé Baby, the projector and the filmmaker Sankyo were revealed to him as the way to avoid having to indoctrinate in the classic sound, so that they could not force him.

His favorite band is Pink Floyd and they reinforced it when they told him that his mother was a great pianist and he could not listen to “that music”. Lolita told him, making him dizzy with repetitions of what the pentagram said. He turned away from the piano, approached photography, and from there to the cinema, it wasn’t long. We suggest you read: Ficci 60 years: The gaze of Eduardo “La Rata” Carvajal and Caliwood

“You can boast being smart, but in reality you have no idea. We are monkeys with clothes to the cosmic drift ”, says Aljure, who defends the value of life and believes that there are many people who avoid the questions that he has tried to answer by making movies.

What is there before life and after death? What is our purpose on Earth? He identifies these questions in the fragility of the body. It has not been answered, but with cinema it has managed to keep the questions alive. It leaves clues for those who come behind. For those who do not want to live in denial.

For many years in Colombia, cinema was relegated. It was not profitable. During the course of some government, Aljure remembers the phrase they said referring to culture: “The cherry that lacked the cake.” They were not interested in exalting it, much less promoting a sector that did not leave money.

Art has been saved by the passion of those who have discovered that it is the only one capable of restoring value to life. To understand it from the details, the pleasures and pains. To see it through what comes out of the center of the stomach and goes through each part of the body to move it. Art is about to shake and Aljure opened up to the messages that the universe has sent him to become one of the Colombians who have transformed culture into ponqué.

If Aljure had to go live on an island, he would take a basket of wild plums and Pink Floyd’s album Wish you where here . I would continue writing screenplays for movies about the same thing: its origins, traits, customs, kindness and misfortune.

In the attack on the El Nogal club in 2003, he lost his cousin Sergio, or Checho , as I was saying. The experience allowed him to see up close what it was to put in his blood the quota for the absurd Colombian war. He recovered and his tribute to life is done through a camera.

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