Coronavirus Outbreak in New York: Troops sent for containment aids

Coronavirus Outbreak in New York: Troops sent for containment aids

W.H.O. has declared that Covid-19, widely known as coronavirus, is a global pandemic that is getting worse with time. New York state is not left out, and there are 173 confirmed active cases.

In general, the United States has reported more than 1000 confirmed cases of coronavirus that’s spreading like wildfire. 

The New York State has the highest coronavirus reports coming in, and there are 108 cases in Westchester County, where the containment zone is located. The U.S. federal government is trying out all measures to counteract the spread of coronavirus with immediate effect.

This deadly virus was first detected in China, which has a total of 80754 confirmed cases, and 3136 deaths. 

On Tuesday, March 11, 2020, China reported only 19 cases, while in New York City, so far has 36 confirmed cases of the virus.

New York’s governor approach to aid in containing the spread of coronavirus

Governor Andrew Cuomo has given a direct order for troops to go to a town not far from Manhattan to try as much as possible to inhibit the spread of the coronavirus.

New York City is not yet under quarantine, but Mr. Cuomo has stated that there will be a “containment zone” in a one-mile radius to be enforced. The zone will be used as an area where confirmed cases are sent and isolated from the rest of the people.

The troops, who are the National Guard, are then required to take food to individuals under isolation, and there are geared in a way that the virus can’t get to them.

The containment zone is in New Rochelle located in Westchester County has 108 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

What’s happening in New York?

As of Tuesday, there only 36 confirmed cases in New York. But it’s believed that New Rochelle, which has a population close to 77,000, could be having twice as many. 

That explains the move by New York’s governor to have New Rochelle as the containment zone to avoid the spread of the virus in the state and other nearby areas.

The governor was approached and asked about the situation in New Rochelle. This is what he had to say.

“It’s a particular problem, and it’s a phenomenon,” Mr Cuomo stated.

The comments don’t come as a surprise. The area around the containment zone has a synagogue that is said to be associated with close to 1,000 people.  This is a group of people that is at risk of contaminating the virus.

Anyone from the temple is now in quarantine. Mr. Cuomo set these measures on Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus in the area.

“It’s a dramatic action, one that is a matter of life and death,” Mr. Cuomo said.

Further measures to stop the spread of the virus

All gathering places, businesses, and schools are in lockdown for two weeks as there are known to be the virus hot spot. 

In a local hospital, officials are said to be in due progress of setting up a coronavirus testing facility.

The governor has stated clearly that there will be no travel restrictions whatsoever in the town. 

Mr. Cuomo expects the troops to help clean public places, and deliver food to all the individuals in quarantine.

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