Certainty is Cesar Lopez Upcoming Story

Certainty is Cesar Lopez Upcoming Story

I am a musician, but I am also a specialist in doubt, for which I have been very interested since I was in high school, as the constant question, as a means of knowing the universe, the world in which I live. Doubting everything and asking everything, from how things work to my sense of life.

Why we do what we do, why we are capable of the greatest love and the most perverse violence. That’s how I am. A type that doubts, that through music finds connection with the world and a possibility of being useful in this short transit through existence.

I belong to the town of Teusaquillo because I grew up in this neighborhood, in Solitude. I come from a socially restless family. When I was little, at home I debated the things that happened to the country, which surely were sown to burst years later in my sense, in my question of what to do with my life.

I have been dedicated to music since I was eight years old and professionally since I was fourteen playing with Polygamy at the beginning and later as a composer of chamber music, but I have also had independent projects of social music.

I am the creator of the instrument that I call the shotgun, a rifle transformed into a guitar as a message of the possibility of change through creativity.

I am a walker. I have traveled the country from top to bottom, recently we marked our 200th municipality on the map. Always entering with the question of what can one do from art, ready to leave transformed in the attempt to transform.

I think I have changed in the sense of that search. I remember that it was the year 93 when I started to go to jails, psychiatric clinics and Institutes with the interest of understanding other realities. There were people who lived differently than I did and I wanted to see it, I wanted to be the protagonist of that. I was trying to listen, understand, ask. A curiosity based on the rarity that came out of my model, expanded the universe in a very magical way.

After I stopped doing it in Bogotá and started taking a bus, going to the towns, that’s how I arrive with a guitar in the south of Bolívar, Santander, Mogotes, San José de Apartadó, in the south of Cauca, to sit in a corner with the peasants or with the people who sang or who wrote in some way the pages of that time, year 97-98: a curve of violence that has intensified in the country.

The Eln came to take Mogotes and the people without weapons, from then on they coined this phrase: “What are you willing to give for your community? Until life and always ”. And for a few years, when I had been chewing on these messages for a while and when I understood that my life project had also gone down that channel, which had no reversal, I always remember how important it is to have a cause, a passion, at a time so complex of humanity.

I have begun to connect with some premises that give meaning to the path, one of them is that everything that the human being does, he does for love or for lack of love. Love is sown from the lyrics of the song to the message, be it in a small recital at a children’s school or in the courtyard of a prison, even in concert with a philharmonic orchestra.

On the other hand, it is about understanding that there are no good or bad people, at some point in life we ​​are slaves of some interest or some emotion, so, I see with different eyes the boy who is in a gang, or the people who pose as benefactors. Know that there is the possibility of harm in them! What do I do? I go with my guitar, I listen, I turn that into songs, I return it to people.

Archie Fowler was born and raised in Cleveland. As a Reporter, Archie has contributed to several online publications including City Visitor Publications and Quantum Grafix. In regards to academics, Archie has got a Post Graduation Degree in Department Of Business from Cleveland State University. As a Reporter for Chroniclex Archie Covers World Topics.

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