Vicky Davila Art Of Losing 6th Century BC Debate To Be Launched

Vicky Davila Art Of Losing 6th Century BC Debate To Be Launched

The discovery consists of an “underground environment” close to the Curia area that contains a 1.40 meter long tuff sarcophagus, associated with another circular element that “probably” corresponds to an altar to Be Launched Soon.

The sarcophagus was excavated in the stone of the Campidoglio hill so scientists believe it should date from the 6th century BC if you are interested, we invite you to read Stolen cultural property amid post-negotiation.

Without judging, I have been determined to analyze the recent event in which Vicky Dávila and the communications chief of the Colombian presidency got tangled up in a “clinch” of adjectives and personal offenses that concluded without results in relation to the initial question Why did the presidential plane return to transport its family to a private party?

The question is clear, but the person in charge of the president’s communications instead of answering it diverts the subject and answers with another question.

“Vicky have you traveled in the presidential plane?”, That is to say, answer the question with another question. And here is the breaking point, Vicky Davila, motivated by a susceptibility that only she understands, bites the hook and answers affirmatively.

The government delegate seeing that his interlocutor has fallen into the trap, finishes the play and asks another question answers affirmatively and from this moment the order harmony and decorum disappeared to give rise to a brawl pregnant with aggressive exclamations and personal attacks from others diametrically to the subject of the question.

The official shrewdly worked to evade the response and Vicky Dávila fell into the trap because his emotions diverted her and she was allowed to move to the field where the public employee took her (I think her last name is something with Hassan, it doesn’t matter).

Famous intellectuals, these characters who surely have the title of communicators and do not have the slightest skill in the art of rhetoric. VD’s reaction to the government employee’s question could have been maintained in the framework of decorum if she had kept the focus of the question.

That it was not: Who has flown on that plane, if she, her husband, Mickey Mouse, Guaidó or the aunt of the president on duty. The question is: Who authorized that flight? And in that territory the one that must respond is the employee not the journalist. But she lost, again, a great opportunity.

Experts studying the Rome Forums have found a sarcophagus and an altar from the 6th century BC that could be dedicated to the founder of the city, Romulus, the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum said in a statement.

The finding comes a year after scholars began to analyze the documentation with which the Italian archaeologist Giacomo Boni assumed in the early twentieth century the presence of a “heroon” or monumental sanctuary dedicated to the founder of Rome.

The sarcophagus is next to the “rostra”, the stands of the Roman Forum where the burial of Romulus has traditionally been pointed out, according to the writings of Marco Terencio Varrone and other ancient historians.

In any case, the director of the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum, which manages the entire Forum area as well, will illustrate this discovery in a press conference next Friday at 11.00 local (10.00 GMT).

The mayor of the Italian capital, Virginia Raggia, celebrated this “new exciting archaeological discovery” and thanked the team of scholars who have carried out the investigations.

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