Maria Elena 1965 Regina Theater Has Been Launched

Maria Elena 1965 Regina Theater Has Been Launched

Sara Facio survives Maria Elena Walsh and lives in Buenos Aires at age 88, met the writer and singer in 1965 at the Regina Theater, where Walsh integrated the duo Leda and María with Leda Valladares.

They were two very complex people to deal with. It was necessary, says the poet Graciela Perosio, to have “infinite patience, both among them and with others. You have to see that this generation of lesbians here in Argentina suffered a lot. They opened roads. ” They fought hard, but love far exceeded the grievances.

Sara Facio was in charge of taking photos of the events in the Regina, which at that time was a place of presentation for great Argentine artists and coming from other countries. Walsh burst into the dressing room asking to speak with Sara Facio and realizing who he was only said.

Maria Elena Walsh was sometimes very limited by leg pains. There are versions that claim that, more than cancer, his death and infinite pains had to do with many medical errors. The poet Perosio states that.

“He had a terrible history of malpractice. When he was operated to put a prosthesis on his thigh they were wrong about 10 cm and he was reluctant for that. I do not know, but I know that it was not because of the cancer that doctors took great care of by operating it before the smallest wart. The rehabilitation to be able to walk again.

“Sara Facio and María Elena Walsh were one day in a villa with a pool and when she is in the water she says: ‘I can walk here.’ And before the stupor of all, he takes the edge and makes the entire width of the pool walking.

And there they are excited to do hydrotherapy, ”says Graciela Perosio. He walked again without a cane. But always with many pains. I took more than 10 painkillers per day in certain periods. And always helping each other with massages.

His character was very sour. You had to be very patient. Sara was always with her. He supported her, but always displayed enormous activity and traveled a lot. María Elena Walsh accompanied her on one of the trips and had a lot of fun, but the bodies asked for very different rhythms.

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