Macau Film Nominated Candidates For Asian Star For Oscar

Macau Film Nominated Candidates For Asian Star For Oscar

World of cinema meets on the other side of the map, crossing the longest sea bridge on the planet, from Hong Kong to the mecca of Macau casinos, with Spanish-like posters mixed with Cantonese Chinese and David Beckham’s surprise promoting the place

The 4th Macau International Film Festival opened its doors 16 hours in the future on Thursday, when in Hollywood it had not even ended on Wednesday (due to the time difference) with some colorful dragons that blessed the different cinemas as a sign of good luck.

Nominated Candidates For Asian star of The Future

  • Indonesia (Asmara Abigail)
  • Philippines (Bea Alonzo)
  • India (Bumi Pednekar)
  • Thailand (Praewa Suthampon and Jennis Opraset)
  • Korea (Lim Yoona )
  • Vietnam (Liên Binh Phát)
  • Japan (Ryota Katayose).

Being one of the last festivals before the vote for the next Oscar, they opened the week with the projection of the favorite satire ‘ Jojo Rabbit ‘ on a German young man who imagines Hitler as his invisible friend, while the mother hides at home A Jewish teenager.

The protagonist Roman Griffin Davis of just 11 years is expected to compete this year at the Oscar, against veterans Robert De Niro, Leo DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix; while Scarlett Johansson also has possibilities for this and another Netflix movie ‘Marriage Story’.

Another Oscar contender with Renée Zellwegger personifying ‘Judy’ Garland was specially scheduled after a reception on the red carpet, for Saturday night. Further from the Oscar, the Latin American cinema in Macao is represented by the Argentine film ‘ The Members of the Family ‘ that director Mateo Bendesky had also presented in Berlin with the motto of ‘A story of love, pain and fitness’ (with music from Virus).

But among the favorites of the international competition in Asia, there is the Australian national team for the Oscar category as Best Foreign Film ‘ Buoyancy ‘ inspired by the true current story about young people sold as slaves to fishing boats in the Pacific Ocean.

The festival also celebrates a very special date: the 20th Anniversary since Portugal ceded the territory of Macao to China, just as Britain had done with Hong Kong. And that is why they also chose to reflect the story with the film of A City Called Macao around a history of addiction.

At the time when China had launched the anti-corruption campaign that stopped the fierce growth of profits in the game; In addition to the screening of ‘ Years of Macau ‘ (Years of Macau) where nine local directors especially filmed their ideas of the great change, with different short films.

Among the most famous guests, in the same way that Nicolas Cage had arrived last year, this time they chose Juliette Binoche along with Chinese actress Claudia Lau as ‘International Talent Ambassadors’.

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