Octavio Daza Latest Poet Inks in Parranda

Octavio Daza Latest Poet Inks in Parranda

Your love grows like a stream and you kneel before it and there may be no more clouds in the sky, many regions may die from the cold, the custom of a people may change, all that will pass, “but your love can never be extinguished, the flame of love that you have lit in me. ”

In the end you discover that all Octavio Daza is a long verse that begins in San Juan del Cesar and ends in each of the dew drops that fall in this country. It is a hymn to our culture. His songs are wing music, just like that night in which the fantastic fireflies burned in the bridal and wet shadow.

The compositions of Octavio Daza are a single long shadow, a single long shadow! And he is the voice of exile and of a blinded well, he is an orphan voice and a great voice that rises behind the curtain thanks to the Zuleta brothers, Claudia from Colombia, Diomedes Díaz, Nicolás Mendoza and Daniel Celedón.

Badillo River, Sanandresana, Nest of love, Linda sabanera, In front of me, Kneeling, The poet’s tiredness, The meaning of my life, The earth is thirsty, My boyfriend and my people, Hey you. It is simply impossible to think of vallenato without Octavio Daza as one of his main figures.

The road to becoming the poet of the vallenato began in Patillal. At six years old, Octavio Daza arrived at this corregimiento and his guitar was the architect of his fledgling inspiration. At a young age he had already died and been reborn of love, he had already traveled the pains of the soul and the waterfalls of hope, he was already floating through the snowy peaks and the multicolored rivers. It was just a matter of capturing them.

First came the dance of animals A cricket played the accordion and the cockroach, the guitar; the wolf played the saxophone and the iguana grabbed it. Is seeing this impossible? For Octavio Daza it was not, and he convinced us of the magic of this peculiar musical band.

Then the 11th Vallenata Legend Festival was held from April 26 to 30, 1978. That time, the winner of the Vallenata Unpublished Song contest was the composer Octavio de Jesús Daza, with Río Badillo. That day, Daza was happier than ever, and when he thought there was no more happiness, the Zuleta Brothers recorded their song.

Finally, at the end of the 70s, the fledgling poet became a warrior of music and inspiration itself. Diomedes Díaz, Elberto López, Rafael Orozco and Jorge Oñate did not need a muse, because Daza, with a sword and shield, searched the lands of oblivion for lost words, beautiful words, our words that he rescued with a deep feeling as a weapon.

Verses such as I feel your love in front of me as the student who in despair or because like this, on my knees, how God is worshiped, with this great love I only love you, were witnesses of a short but fruitful legend .

He could have written more, he could have inspired entire generations of vallenateros but the song of a little bird announced one of the most felt losses in Colombia. On January 12, 1980, Octavio Daza was murdered, when he had already filled us with festivals, voices, lyrics and fantastic villages, but with the courage and strength to grant us much more.

Tell me, little bird, why are you sad today I don’t hear the same joy in your song. Tell me if your partner lost or came to share my grief. Or maybe you want to tell the world your nonconformity for what they have done.

You know that the cutest thing I had is also undone so, tell me little bird, why are you alone today, singing and singing with melancholy? I know, I know you miss him. I know, I know that you have in your soul all the love he gave off with his guitar, the same one that cried. Don’t cry anymore, my little bird, that all of us will take care not to forget it.

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