Jane Fonda Arrested Again For Protesting Against Climate Change

Jane Fonda Arrested Again For Protesting Against Climate Change

Jane Fonda has been arrested four times in the last month race activist and famous actress decided to temporarily move to Washington to protest every Friday against climate change. Accompanied by a hundred protesters, mostly women who combed gray hair.

Fonda has gone to the US Senate on Friday to urge politicians to approve the Green new deal resolution that seeks to change from dirty fossil fuels to clean renewable energy and trace the road to “zero” global emissions by 2050. “ I will probably go to jail tonight and it will not be the first time, ” said the celebrity in the heart of the upper house, before the arrest.The actress, who will soon turn 82, has spent half a century fighting for different causes.

“Getting arrested is the way I use my celebrity to spread the message that we face a crisis that directly affects our children and our grandchildren,” said the two-time Oscar winner. Every Friday he usually arrives at the Capitol accompanied by other Hollywood stars.

This time Rosana Arquette and Catherine Keener were by her side. The three actresses and fifty more protesters were taken into custody for civil disobedience, after not rising from the halls of the Senate following several police warnings. “Nothing important has happened without civil disobedience. From social security to eight hours of work. That is thanks to people who took a risk and who they arrested for long periods of time, ”said Fonda.

The octogenarian dressed in an elegant red coat, a green hat and sunglasses that did not take off even when he crossed the Senate metal detector. “This red coat you see is the last piece of clothing that I am going to buy in my life,” he said in response to the high levels of consumerism he sees in society.

“So I will have much more free time,” he added with a laugh. Although he did not want to reveal which presidential candidate best identified his position on climate change, he said that “it is not a time for moderation.” What could be interpreted as a boost to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the two most radical candidates of the Democratic Party.

“The pact is only the framework, when the next president arrives at the White House he can start making decisions from day one through executive orders to help those most affected by this crisis. And that includes oil workers, it’s not their fault, so we have to worry about them taking care of them, ”said the actress, Hollywood icon.

For her, the young people who strike every Friday are her inspiration of course, the leader of the 16-year-old Greta Thunberg climate movement. “I tell young people to join the demonstrations with their classmates, or with us, the grandmothers.” The advanced age of those who accompany Fonda in Washington is evident at the time of the arrests. Many cannot cross their arms in the back so that the police tie their wrists because they do not have a good joint. There was one that even came as a walker.

Before turning 80, Jane Fonda recognized Vanity FairI thought that at that age I would be dedicated to gardening. “I didn’t think I would go back to the barricades, no. I did not think that our freedoms, our democracy, would be in danger as they are now, “he said then.

The award-winning actress and one of the strong voices of the feminist movement has recently dedicated herself to fighting for the rights of the peasants. But all his career is marked by activism. In the seventies he supported the Black Panthers and actively opposed the US military participation in the Vietnam War. Since then he has taken to the streets to defend the rights of Native Americans, the of working mothers, of victims of sexual harassment, among other causes, the last one, climate change.

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