North Korea Launches Two New Projectiles

North Korea Launches Two New Projectiles

North Korea today launched two short-range missiles into the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan East Sea in the two Koreas, which underscores the rush of the Pionyang regime for the United States to put new proposals on the table in the jammed dialogue on denuclearization

This is the twelfth missile launch so far this year North Korea does not listen to the threats and continues to primarily challenge the United States. Today’s is the first ballistic test conducted by Pionyang since October 2 few days before the failed meeting with Washington in Stockholm.

The Board of the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff explained that the North fired “two short-range projectiles” eastward from the vicinity of the city of Suncheon located in the province of South Pyongan about 50 kilometers northeast of the North Korean capital it’s a statement.

The South Korean army said the missiles traveled about 370 kilometers and reached a peak of about 90 kilometers. For its part, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK reported that no projectiles fell within Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Throughout 2019 Pionyang has fired short-range projectiles, including a native version of the Russian Iskander or a large rocket launcher battery.

The last weapons test of the regime occurred on October 2, when he tested a new ballistic missile designed to be launched from a submarine (SLBM).

Although the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has been satisfied with the fact that among the tests there are no ballistic missiles of intercontinental reach or nuclear devices last North Korean atomic test was more than two years ago, the evidence implies a violation of the UN sanctions.

They also underline the persistent development of the North Korean arms program certifying that in the disarmament process everything is still to be done. After more than a year without launching projectiles of any kind coinciding with the regime’s diplomatic turn.

Pionyang resumed ballistic rehearsals last spring in an apparent gesture of protest over the lack of progress in the dialogue on denuclearization with the US. and the withdrawal of economic sanctions that weigh on the regime.

After the first bilateral summit held in Singapore in June 2018, only goodwill gestures have occurred between both parties. The progress of weight is still not coming and the dialogue is stalled since the failed summit of Hanoi last February, in which Washington considered insufficient the offer of Pionyang regarding the dismantling of its nuclear assets and refused to lift the sanctions.

A third impromptu summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in June led to a work meeting in Stockholm in early October in which he tried to break the blockade without success.

At the end of this meeting, Pionyang accused Washington of not offering anything new and of keeping the aforementioned “hostile policy” on the regime active and insisted that the White House has a term until “end of the year” to modify its negotiating strategy.

The head of the North Korean negotiating team, Kim Myong-gil then indicated that it is entirely up to Washington that Pionyang suspend or not the self-imposed moratorium on long-range missile launches and nuclear tests.

In this way, the projectiles launched today seem to be a reminder that the regime comes to grant the United States. Only nine more weeks to offer something different if you want to keep the current dialogue process alive.

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