Oedipus Case To Be Re-Shedulced in Macri

Oedipus Case To Be Re-Shedulced in Macri

As his days go by Argentine President Mauricio Macri acquires an amazing resemblance to his father. It is a habitual biological fact, although it happens at the wrong time. Until recently it was impossible to confuse one with the other.

But the president’s skin now has a different hue, the look became more washed, the face is being defeated by certain roundnesses, including that of the double chin, the hair is lightening until, at times, the appearance of any of The two generate a few seconds of doubt: Is he or is he the father? The problem is that this curiosity – genetics, imposing its laws late – can lead to a very delicate political situation.

The president’s father is named Franco is an Italian who arrived with nothing and, in a few decades, he owned a superholding where one of the main construction companies in the country intermingled, the most powerful car factory, garbage collection companies, telephones, fields and almost everything Give money “Behind every fortune there is a crime,” says Mario Puzo in The Godfather.

The case was no exception. Condonation of millionaire debts, overpricing in public works, coexistence with venal politicians, car smuggling, would be the titles of the public scandals to which Franco, his holding company , his family, survived. From those dusts, Mauricio emerged: silver, power and, to put it delicately, a touch of moral heterodoxy.

A common place in psychoanalysis maintains that no one manages to constitute his subjectivity if before, like Oedipus, he does not kill his own father. Mauricio tried and that the father was a heavyweight. First, he slammed the door in the family business.

“I wanted to replace myself,” Franco would explain, “and I agreed, if I was the most capable. There was a small difference in time. I wanted to decide when I was going to retire.” Then Mauricio went out into the world to prove that he could be more than his father. Wow if he succeeded. He was twice world champion as president of Boca Juniors , ruled with successive electoral successes the untamed capital of Argentina.

But it was not enough. It was, then, for the presidency of the Nation. “You have to look less like your father,” they told him. With commendable tenacity, every day Macri took another step to convince the country that he did not do business like Franco, that the time of the cradle of gold, arrogance, dirty business, was left behind. Every time he distanced himself from his father, he gained in popularity. It is rare to find a photo of both, together, in the years before the assumption.

But one is who he is and sooner or later, it shows. The first warning came a few days after the assumption of Macri. The Panama Papers scandal showed that the Macri holding company operated with a swarm of offshore companies.

To me why they look at me, said the president. Ask my father. The second warning broke out these days. 15 years ago that the holding companyMacri owes the Argentine State a fortune that originally amounted to 300 million dollars.

The Government of Macri signed an agreement with the companies of Macri so that they would pay double what they owe in 2030 and in heavily devalued pesos! A prosecutor reviewed the matter and discovered that if the simple compound interest formula is applied, even at an extremely conservative rate, Macri companies would be paying the Macri government about $ 300 million less than they should. And the scandal does not stop growing.

Since then, the Government of Macri explains that it is all legal, that the calculation is wrong, that the fault lies with the previous Government, that the companies are from Macri but from another Macri. But he does not notice that biology is merciless and that, in some photos, the resemblance between father and son begins to be surprising and that society voted for the second because, for a moment, he believed them different.

Freud complicated our life with crunches such as sex with the mother, the murder of the father, the bloody decision to tear off our eyes. But something was clear: killing the father is very difficult. It is a monster with a thousand heads. Macri must try again, before the mimesis is complete and is again “the son of Franco.”

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